Tactical Consulting to Internet Service Firms

Specialized Internet services companies, including major hosting, data backup providers and cloud service providers have used Mr. Weintraub's technical consulting services to ensure compliance with HIPAA's privacy and security mandates. Abner has also consulted on operations, transaction processing issues and marketing communications, as they relate to HIPAA.

Customized HIPAA Training and Development Materials

When the TPA (Third Party Administrator) division of one of America's largest banks needed customized HIPAA training and materials, they chose Abner Weintraub. He delivered customized training to hundreds of employees, prepared HIPAA Manuals for senior management, and created unique guides and handbooks for operations personnel. With Mr. Weintraub's assistance, this client reduced operational risk and successfully expanded their operations.

Onsite Evaluation of Operations and Technology

A leading workplace Rewards Management Company engaged Abner Weintraub to analyze the implications of the recently modified HIPAA Wellness Regulations on their operations, marketing, and technology infrastructure. Abner conducted an onsite evaluation of the client's operations and technology, then presented a detailed analysis and recommendations for improvement. Mr. Weintraub also delivered customized, onsite training to senior management at the firm's New Jersey headquarters.

HIPAA Business Expansion Analysis

When one of America s largest onsite (workplace) healthcare companies needed to understand the HIPAA related aspects of an aggressive corporate expansion program, they engaged Mr. Weintraub to clarify the situation. Abner prepared technical and management presentations, supporting documents, and trained a group of senior managers and clinicians in a live session at the client's national management conference.

Management Consulting and Project Guidance

A major audiology and hearing-loss website wanted to expand operations beyond just providing information to consumers. With Mr. Weintraub's expert assistance, they launched a transactional system that connects patients to providers in a seamless, secure environment where all parties enjoy important benefits. Abner helped senior management understand HIPAA's impact on the new project and how to minimize privacy and security-related risk without sacrificing functionality.

Custom Training for Major Call Center

When a top 5 healthcare communications company, with offices in 21 countries, needed to launch a new inbound call center for a major medical device maker, they called on Abner Weintraub. Abner developed customized training for project principles and staff, helped assess project risk, and made process and technology recommendations to ensure a smooth rollout.

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