Expert HIPAA Services

Telephone Consulting

Need an hour on the phone with a real HIPAA expert? ...or a block of hours of telephone consultation? This is a basic service I provide, and telephone consultation can include a written report summarizing our call(s), if you require. All calls and information discussed are completely confidential.

My consulting services are safe for startups and developing firms in 'stealth mode' or in later business - development stages.

New or Existing Project Business Analysis

If you need to know how HIPAA impacts your new or existing business model, schedule a Business Analysis project and find out the facts. I routinely assist new and existing businesses with determining exactly how HIPAA affects new business services and products, as well as existing products and services. I have extensive experience with medical device firms, mobile device makers, healthcare app developers, pharmaceutical firms, and data processing firms such as ISPs, cloud computing vendors, and data security vendors.

HIPAA Legal Case Consulting

I have been involved as a HIPAA expert in numerous HIPAA - related legal cases in multiple states, and my testimony (written and oral) has been instrumental in those cases. My work in such cases has been in support of both the plaintiff and the defense, in different cases of course, and has ranged from an indirect, arms-length, advisory role, to direct, day-to-day involvement with the prosecution or defense.

Breach Response Consulting

If your organization has recently suffered a data breach under HIPAA, you need professional help. I assist organizations of all sizes with responding to data breaches or losses under HIPAA in a timely and lawful manner.

If you are being investigated or audited by the OCR, I can assist you with preparing a well-coordinated and powerful response to their sometimes overwhelming data requests and instructions. Don't respond alone, get the help you need now!

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